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  4. 5% Override commission on every agent or broker you refer to sell 1Dental.

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What Our Brokers Are Saying

“My clients want dental, and this plan is simple – I can sell and forget about it.”

Whit G. in Florida

“I sold a lot of these plans. Now that I retired 3 years ago I still receive a 6 figure renewal income. Very grateful!”

Jerry C. in Georgia

“It’s a great plan, and the low monthly premium makes it easy to sell.”

Mike A. in Houston, TX

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“I lost my insurance and needed 2 teeth extracted…. It brought the cost down to $181 — talk about a savings! That’s better than when I was paying for insurance through my job.”

Patrick, Ohio

“My routine dental work is cut by at least 50% every time.”

Christina, New Jersey

“I was so relieved…. My cost dropped immediately from over $1,500 to about $800.”

Deanne, Michigan

“I had no insurance and didn’t have time to wait 6 months to have my wisdom teeth taken out — I was in too much pain. I called 1Dental and saved hundreds on my procedure through their plan.”

Sarah, Oklahoma

“I paid more than $800 on 2 wisdom teeth removals including anesthesia. Later on I found 1Dental.com and signed up. I had my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled and paid less than $300!”

Ronald, Florida

“The cost savings was astounding. If you have neglected seeing a dentist and may have serious issues, this plan is the best investment you could make.”

Fred, Illinois

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