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Start selling a dental plan that makes sense

Help your clients with a simpler, smarter, more affordable way to get dental care.

Start selling a dental plan that makes sense

Help your clients with a simpler, smarter, more affordable way to get dental care.

Dental is one of the most desired benefits after health insurance.

Source: JP Griffin Group

Your clients want and need help with dental care.

Unfortunately, dental insurance policies are built with deductibles, limitations, and maximums. Plus, they’re very expensive.

Introducing 1Dental.

A 1Dental plan offers genuine help to your clients at an everyday low price. Because it’s a dental discount plan, it does things that dental insurance can’t do.

We encourage our members to use the plan as much as needed. There are no limits or maximums. It can be used immediately with no waiting period.

And these plans are helping over 15 million Americans save at tens of thousands of dental offices nationwide.

“Nearly half of Americans age 65 and older did not visit a dentist in the previous year, the number one reason being cost.”

AARP Bulletin
“Discount Dental Plans Are Something to Smile About”

Why add 1Dental to your portfolio?

  1. Big Savings – Members frequently tell us they saved 50% or more on their dental care.
  2. Immediate – Your clients can fully use the plan right away, even the same day they join the plan
  3. No Red Tape – There are no claim forms, no deductibles, and no waiting periods
  4. Unlimited – With our plan there are no limits or maximums like dental insurance
  5. Simple & Clear – Our primary plan provides full price transparency for your clients, no guessing
  6. Inclusive – Members can include anyone in their household — even parents, grown children, etc.
  7. Orthodontics & Cosmetics – Savings include braces for both children and adults — no age restrictions! Plus, save hundreds to thousands of dollars on cosmetic work like implants, whitening, veneers, and bonding
  8. Extra Perks – Vision discount plan can be included for free (individual plan)
  9. Easy to Qualify – There is no participation percentage requirement for employer groups; only 3 participants are needed.

How does this benefit you, the broker?

Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the growing market for dental discount plans. Be the first to offer your clients access to the largest plan network of experienced dental providers in the U.S.


  • Earn high, recurring commissions
  • Provide the lowest-cost, highest-savings option on the market
  • Receive a personalized website and other resources you need to sell with success

What makes us different from other companies offering these plans?

We don’t artificially raise prices only to discount them through ’sales’ or ‘special promotions’. At 1Dental we strive to offer a consistent, everyday low price to our customers.

1Dental is simpler, smarter and more affordable.

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Your Commission Structure

  1. Earn 100% of all Setup Fees.
  2. 25% commission on all collected premiums (less refunds).
  3. Level commission paid for the full life of each membership.
  4. 5% Override commission on every agent or broker you refer to sell 1Dental.

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What Our Brokers Are Saying

“My clients want dental, and this plan is simple – I can sell and forget about it.”

Whit G. in Florida

“I sold a lot of these plans. Now that I retired 3 years ago I still receive a 6 figure renewal income. Very grateful!”

Jerry C. in Georgia

“It’s a great plan, and the low monthly premium makes it easy to sell.”

Mike A. in Houston, TX

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“I have team members who have saved over $1,000 with 1Dental”

– Dave Ramsey –

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